The explosion of the crypto market has been one of the biggest stories of the past few years and despite having a poor 2018, it seems that cryptocurrencies have made a comeback this year.


In the meantime, the growth of the market has also seen a range of new cryptocurrencies being launched and one of those is Holochain, a coin which has made rapid progress over the recent months. The token Holo has not got a lot of press coverage but it needs to be kept in mind that Holochain has made important deals and the token could be set for some appreciation in the coming months.

Holochain is being described as a post-Blockchain technology platform that allows people to create their own app on a peer to peer network and moreover, the network does not suffer from any scalability problems that one might encounter on a platform of this sort. Moreover, it is well and truly decentralized.

At the time of writing, Holo is trading lower by 18% at $0.001768 with a volume of $38.19 in the past 24-hour. Holochain has a market capitalization of $235.64 million. Over the past one week. Holo has jumped over 26%.

Agreement With Next Block Group

Most importantly, an app developer would not use an API in order to build his app and that makes it a far more secure network. Holo, the company which is behind this project, has been assiduously building their infrastructure in order to make it more palatable for enterprises. The company recently reached an agreement with Next Block Group, which operates its own investment platform.


David Atkinson, who is the commercial director at Holo stated, “Next Block Group has a unique market positioning in that they are solving the gap between the many disparate protocols and the emerging enterprise needs for decentralized solutions.”

As far as product development is concerned, Holo has missed deadlines for Alpha 2 and Alpha 3, after it released Alpha 1 in May last year. The Alpha 1 was supposed was scheduled to be released in the first fiscal of 2018, but since the initial coin offering was scheduled for April, it got delayed. Eventually, Alpha 2 and Alpha 3 got delayed as well.

However, the missed deadlines should not come as a particularly alarming bit of information since the company are in the process of expanding their team of employees and are still looking to hire more professionals for their project.

The company plans to have as many as 10,000 users by the end of this year and has targeted the release of a total of 50 apps. Those are tall targets but if the tech being offered in the platform is anything to go by then it could soon get widespread support. Experts believe that the coin could reach $.01 by the end of 2019.  Sign Up Below to Follow Holochain and Other Breaking Cryptos.

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