Crypto influencers are extremely important in the Crypto space. They bring credibility that drives the cryptocurrency movement forward. Here are the top 5 crypto influencers you should follow on Instagram to enhance your knowledge on digital assets and everything around it in 2019.

1. Armando Pantoja

With a following of over 40,000+ followers on Instagram, Armando is one of the most sought-after individuals in the world of crypto and blockchain technology. He is an expert in software security and blockchain as well as an author and a prominent speaker on key tech innovations in the crypto sphere. One significant contribution that makes him such an influencer is the development of the world’s first block-chain based job recruitment platform, Hirematch. HireMatch connects job seekers and employers using blockchain and the cryptocurrency ‘HIRE.’ He is also a savvy technopreneur, with one of his latest smart deals being selling and AI Powered ICO ranking and analysis website for a massive US$1.75 million in 2018.

2. Joseph Steinberg

With 24.7k instagram followers, Joseph Steinberg is a highly recognized cybersecurity expert and emerging technology influencer with a focus on Artificial Intelligence and blockchain-related developments. He writes regularly on various topics about cryptos in major publications like Forbes and and recently has started his own blog. If you are searching for someone who has deep knowledge of the blockchain, follow Joseph Steinberg on Instagram for all the latest insights and updates in cybersecurity, digital crime, privacy, and technology trends. He is also a highly convincing and entertaining presenter; you will always find him as a guest speaker in major blockchain conferences and events around the world. He also lectures on the uses and problems of blockchain at prominent universities.

3. John MacAfee

Often controversial but always entertaining, John McAfee is certainly one of the most crypto influential figures on Instagram. When it comes to making decisions on blockchain investments, John McAfee is the person to follow. He is not much of an investor in digital assets, though his profound understanding about cybersecurity and cryptocurrency mining development makes him a valuable resource. Besides owning an antivirus software, he is also cryptocurrency advocator and trusts that cryptocurrency is mainly the transactional, financial feature of the blockchain and blockchain can be useful to anything in life.

4. Nikita Sachdev

Nikita Sachdev maintains an active online presence and has a large following of over 12,500 fans on Instagram. Having worked as an international model, global brand ambassador and a marketing advisor through social media, Sachdev has refined her skills as an entrepreneur and expert in the cryptocurrency community, establishing herself as the ‘Crypto queen.’ She even has her own Ethereum-inspired makeup routine. She is a source of encouragement for women willing to invest in cryptos, which is currently a male-dominated space.

5. Omar Bahm (Crypt0)

Rounding out our list with over 30k followers is Omar Bahm, who is a content creator who writes content and prepares videos on digital crypto assets through his Crypt0 YouTube channel. He also owns the Crypt0 Plug Podcast where you can have access to comprehensive crypto news from respected sources, sentiments, trading, coins, mining advice, and more. With so much happening in the crypto space constantly, following him on Instagram will keep you up to date with everything.

Connect with these top five cryptocurrency influencers, tap into their extensive knowledge of the fintech industry and see what impact they’ll have on your digital assets investments in 2019.

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