Saturday, March 23, 2019

Basic Attention Token (BAT) Pops as Coinbase Hangs a Carrot

Now, Basic Attention Token (BAT) allows cryptocurrency enthusiasts to gain its tokens in an alternative way to most other coins — by watching ads...
Bitcoin ETF

Bitcoin ETF Handcuffed by Uncertainty in the Market

A Bitcoin Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) is considered by many to be Bitcoin’s first step into true institutional investment. An ETF represents some asset...

Jointer and the Chrysler Building: Tokenization, Secret negotiations, and a Jilted...

There’s been a lot of speculation regarding the recent offering process of the Chrysler Building. Much of that was fueled by the...



Tracking the Rise of Maximine Coin (MXM)

Maximine Coin (MXM) is trading up 13% at the time of writing. MXM  has a total market cap of $102.97 million and $8.05 million worth...

XRP and the Coinbase Insider Debacle

XRP should be overjoyed this week, but instead there is reason to be reticient.

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