Bitcoin SV (BSV) – Bitcoin Satoshi’s Vision – is now under the guidance of Craig Wright. Wright famously claimed to be Satoshi Nakamoto, the inventor and writer of the Bitcoin whitepaper, and now the crypto personality is in charge of Bitcoin SV. He outlined his vision for the space and people seem to be eating it up.

Craig mentions in his Medium post that nChain intends to ensure that they packing blocks with paid data and Bitcoin as SV will have miners earning over $8,000 a block based on use alone. That equates to $640 a bitcoin on exchanges. These figures have not yet factored in the gambling price of bitcoin and these would be the earning for miners just for their service.

Over next 2-3-year Craig predicts that the capacity Bitcoin (SV) will be huge. He said in his post

“In 2 to 3 years we expect to be at a capacity of 2 to 4 billion (with a b) transactions a block, that is 6.5 million transactions a second. This is also Visa, MasterCard, banking in SWIFT, and ALL global currencies (not just crypto) in under 15% of a block. And this is the start.”

Looking at the specs, BSV is the single best value haven in the crypto space during this volatile market. It is a superior technology, head and shoulders above any other chain, and this has been proven when we mined a 64 MB block on the BSV chain last week. No other crypto platform is even close to scaling this much, and this is only the beginning of BSV’s scaling road map.

Bitcoin SV (BSV) is rallying up more than 20% after news trickles out about the plans going forward.

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Calvin Ayre, a BSV supporter, calls on Bitcoin Cash ABC – the Roger Ver-backed coin created in BCH’s recent hard fork – to “permanently split” the two chains for a “win-win solution.”

The author also accuses supporters of both Bitcoin, which he refers to as “Segwit BTC” in the article, and Bitcoin Cash of having “tinkered it [Bitcoin] to death.” Namely, according to Ayre, Bitcoin and BCH ABC – which now has regained the title of Bitcoin Cash – have “abandoned Bitcoin’s core principles by abandoning Nakamoto consensus and trust in miners’ Proof of Work.”

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