Probably the main new goal of Amazon company is to make your home your smart helper. And for achieving this task they don’t mind to spend all their free time to educate customers and teach them how to make their homes smart.

They can even come to your home if you will need help with the Alexa, which is their smart operating center inbuilt in the center of your dwelling.

Well, the history told us that if you want to become successful start with an education. Amazon, probably, understood it as the call for action.

This system is just software that has the same functions as an ordinary computer program that can switch and interact with other apps and programs. For example, Amazon Echo can control linked devices and monitor its work, announcing each step to you if you will ask for it.

In a modern world, it is hard to decline this seducing offer from Amazon. So, a lot of people have bought and installed smart home systems. And the time to educate people about these devices was chosen right by Amazon, as hundreds of people used this offer to call for Amazon team of teachers. The education is free. Educators tell a lot about other products for smart home, and not necessary from Amazon. Still, all of them belonged to the Alexa group.

Amazon teachers prefer to create discussions with customers and talk about the future of the smart homes, advice new apps to use, and explain the best possibilities for them.

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