The American dollar is rising with the news from Fed and expectations from Trump. While American investors celebrate new interest rates, Asian financial market is trying to save its currencies level the same.

South Korean won was eased to the Chinese yuan, which went down this Thursday after the new from the USA. Singapore dollar stopped its falling on the lowest number since January, and according to the financial analyst may drop its position and slip to the 2009 September.

However, not only low-yielders are feeling the negative changes on themselves. High yielders from Asia expect that investors may leave their markets, and stop buying there, fearing of the potential risks.

Today dollar was rising above the threshold, passing its 14 years peak towards the basket of six major currencies. It stopped on 102.62 during the early trades.

Euro went down as well and was equal to 1.0468 dollars this Thursday. Experts believe that if euro will go below its March’s 2015 numbers on 1.0457, it can settle down on 1 dollar. It can go another way, and euro will have the parity towards dollar, which last time was noticed in the 2002 year.

An American dollar was equal to 117.86 Japanese yen, reaching the highest number since the February. Nikkei went up by 0.1 percent thanks to the new drop in the national currency.

As for the MSCI Asian-Pacific broadest index outside Japan, it lost 1.2 percent today. Investors are waiting for the next move of Federal Reserve.

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