It was just launched, but experts are wondering whether there will be a perfect place for this new invention?

Yesterday, the Australian provider Stan’s CEO made an announcement that Prime Video will start its work in Australia in a few hours later or during the next day. Well, that is not so much information.

This video streaming platform from Amazon was launched a few hours later that day, as Stan predicted, becoming the new rival for Mike Sneesby from Stan, at the same time when the company has survived 18 crazy months of competition with Netflix and others.

Do you also think that new Amazon child will beat all his competitors at the Australian market?

Sneesby is very optimistic about an upcoming future of the local streaming. He believes that there will be the perfect niche for every provider, and everyone can find its spot.

It is hard to imagine these numbers now, but Stan thinks that this market will cover demands of 8 million subscribers locally, and it will be made in 5 years maximum.

Their prime goal is to support 60 percent of the households with one or few subscriptions. However, according to Stan, the success can come only if each brand will be able to stand out at the market.

He says that only the strongest and the best-qualified companies will be able to stay in this business.

According to their official report, they have 600 000 subscribers right now that are active.

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