CEO of the well-known USA-based tech companies came to meet with Trump yesterday. The newly elected president promised them that he is going to help the whole industry, and said that he was amazed by all these people who visited him.

They’ve met in the Trump Tower, on the twenty-fifth floor room for conferences. He gathered elite of the tech industry, like Bezos, Elon Musk, Sheryl Sandberg, Timothy D. Cook, Satya Nadella, Eric Schmidt and Larry Page. Behind each of them is the huge corporation that has millions of dollars.

And Trump’s words that he came here to help these “folks” to “do well” looked a little bit odd.

He proposed them any help they need, telling that there is nobody more legendary and great in the world like those people who gathered in the room.

And all these pleasant words were said by him at the first few second of the meeting. They sounded from a guy who promised huge problems to many of these companies if he will be elected.

According to the reports CEOs and Trump spoke about problems of education, job places, and problems with immigration laws that new president wants to provide. They asked the question about future of easy trading with other countries, etc.

Trump asked from them the help with the government waste.

Meeting took place for 90 minutes, behind the closed door, and it was much longer than anyone expected.

Three children of Trump attended the meeting as well.

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