Our Staff

Erica Roy
I am a 27-year-old German-American, with a superb Master of Science in Management and Economics from the University of Mainz, Germany.
As of now, working a full time work in a main organization and counseling organization represent considerable authority in land speculations.
I have time in the nights and on weekends and am searching for side occupations and different open doors that offer proficient development and/or budgetary bolster while I assemble an adequate base for future independent work and a change of vocation, as I might want more flexibility with respect to my work time and place.
I am solid, productive and an issue solver with remarkable association, cognizance and relational abilities. I am conversant in English and German with involvement in deciphering sites and public statements and editing. I am great with the Office projects Excel, Word and Power Point as I utilize them once a day in my present place of employment. I am additionally involved with blogging from my own travel blog and helping a characteristic wellbeing and sustenance blog. I would gladly begin my free vocation with you as my customer and guarantee exact, customer orientated and palatable work!

Elijah Vega
I am a fast and efficient researcher and writer based with access to a vast of academic databases. My in-depth background knowledge in the fields of politics, economics, finance, technology, philosophy and travel make me not only a competent writer but a thoughtful one. Send me a message or a proposal to talk about the possibilities creating inspiring copy for your business.

Marcia Graham
I deliver world-class ebooks, articles, papers, newsletters, seminar content and presentations. My expertise is in finance and economics, both fundamental principles and ongoing changes in capital markets. My promise to deliver is backed by various articles and knowledge on hedge funds, market and stock analysis, different investment vehicles, and personal finance among others. I also have a decade of solid experience in financial planning, capital raising, and asset management both in listed securities and private equity (early to mid-stage capital) both for individual and institutional portfolios

Tara Page
My degree is in Economics and I have worked in bookkeeping, fund, and database administration. My latest full-time position was with a non-benefit, taking care of all in-house accounting and in addition the Membership Program and the part database. My present work is giving web content and editing and altering administrations.